Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wheel of Change

Jake discovers a mysterious ancient stone wheel! His life and that of his friends will be changed forever in Wheel of Change! Jake brings his sexy tall volleyball player friend April to check out the wheel, and soon they have big fun with lots of couple growing and sex! Then April invites her sexy archaeologist friend Lori to join the giant couple, and they decide to make Jake really big while all 3 go at it! How big will they get and what happens the next day? This comic contains Giantess, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, male giant, male muscle, penis and height growth, cum shot in giantess and normal size woman face and mouth, giant having sex with giantess that is same size as him and with giantess smaller than him, giant having sex with normal size woman and giantess at the same time and growing during sex, oral sex to and from mini giantess, oral sex from normal size woman to giant man, oral sex to giant man from normal size woman and giantess at the same time, male and female growth in separate sequences and more!

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