Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nozama Transfer 3

The origin of the necklace! See how a powerful shaman's wife uses the shaman's magic to empower herself and the other women of the village! Each woman grows into a large powerful amazon, busting out of their clothes and then having their way with the men of the village! And then see how the necklace has been passed from generation to generation with women growing powerful, large and muscular ripping out of their clothing from the Victorian Era, the 60's and the 70's! And last but not least more growing from Erin as she looks for a way to save her sister Reina! This comic contains FMG, mini giantess, breast growth, shrinking man, size transfer, clothes ripping, shoe busting, shrinking out of clothes, shrunken man head being squeezed between mini giantess amazon thighs, shrunken man being sat on by giantess amazon, mini giantess insertion of shrunken man, mini giantess breast smothering shrunken man, 2 men shrinking while having sex with one growing amazon, oral sex, creampie, cum shot on face and more!

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