Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pixie No More 6

Princess Rae has been kidnapped and transformed into a sexy busty sexy hungry demoness! What will the Pixie No More gang do to rescue her? Have sex, shrink and grow! Ellenora and Nyxie continue there giantess size sexual romp, while Rae uses her new powers to transfer size of men and women around her and to torment her capturer Desi into making more growing mischief with his cum shots! And what will the shrunken women do with Sir Wylym? This comic contains Giantess, Shrinking Women, BE, ass growth, clothes ripping/shoe busting, shrinking out of clothes and shoes, male muscle, height and penis growth from pixie blowing into cock, giantess on giantess sex and oral sex, giant elves, busty sex demon transformation, giantess and pixie sixty nine, sex with two mini giantess and one normal size male, growth from pixie size to giantess, X Ray view of shrunken woman inside growing womans pussy, female transformation into mythical beast woman, sex with mini giantess, busty barmaid shrinking to pixie size, women in peril, cum shot on multiple shrunken women at the same time and more!

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