Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Scent of Strength

The mysterioius Mr Fei and his incense will change the life of Heidi in a very big way! Heidi has a crush on her sexy busty roommate Yelena, but Yelena isn't interested. She only likes big long hard things...but Heidi has a little secret...a clitoris which can swell to the size and shape of a small penis! When Yelena finds out she ridicules Heidi. Upset, Heidi goes out drinking and runs into Mr. Fei, after experiencing a night of incredible sex thanks a tremendous growth causing incense, leaving Mr Fei huge and well endowed, he gifts Heidi some of the incense for herself. Now Heidi decides to try and win over Yelena by growing herself and her soon to be not so little secret! This comic contains FMG, breast growth, height growth, ass growth, clitoris growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, male muscle, height and penis growth, rough sex with large endowed male, rough sex with large powerful woman, cock slapping face, titty fucking, cream pie, woman with penis size clitoris, woman on woman sex with swelling clitoris, large amazon on normal size woman sex and more!

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