Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Power Sauce

One more ZZZ story goes from story to full on comic! Power Sauce is the story of Julie, a sexy girl who has a crush on her roommate Carl. The problem is Carl only likes tall women, and Julie is very short! A visit to a crazed doctor in the woods gives Julie access to Power Sauce, guaranteed to make anyone notice you! It sounds impossible to Julie at first, but after her sexy friend Dawn tries the sauce and becomes a busty lusty giantess , Julie decides to try it out wityh herself and Carl. Meanwhile, Julie doesn't know it but Dawn keeps on growing bigger and has her way with the lucky doctor! Julie gives the sauce to Carl and has some herself and soon both of them start having very tight clothes...what will happen to Julie and Carl? Find out in Power Sauce! This comic contains Giantess, giant, clothes ripping, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, beauty enhancement, male muscle, height and penis growth, male and female growth during oral sex, cumshot in mouth, male and female growth during sex, giantess giving oral to normal size man, giantess growth during sex with normal size man, cabin destruction from giantess growth and more!

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