Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Colossal Size Cheat 2

It's the Colossal Size finale in Colossal Size Cheat 2, twenty five pages and 3000x3600 pixels! The girls continue with their massive growth competition while Dewey accidentally torments normal size Carrie while he outgrows a building! Carrie then has a run in with a scrawny meter maid who accidentally ingests the Turbo Grow, the meter maid becomes a powerful, large and vengeful amazon! Maya, Joy and Betty grow bigger than ever while having their way with Dewey and each other, but who will be the biggest in the end, and how big will they get? Find out in Colossal Size Cheat 2! This comic contains FMG, Giantess, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, male giant, male muscle growth, height growth and penis growth, three way sexual activities with giant and giantesses, sex toys, growth during sex, penis size growth during sex, growth through ceiling and building, full body cum shot, property, car, house and city destruction, skyscraper destruction from growth, mega size giantesses bigger than a city and more!

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1 comment:

  1. nice story ;-)
    but I really hate huge cock and giant males in the comics . please don't use them again .
    I just want to see all women grow bigger and hotter .
    thanks a lot .