Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Growing World The Club

A Growing World The Club, set in the same giantess filled world as the rest of the AGW Series, introduces characters set in Club High Rise - a strip club known for its sexy, busty tall women, but after the green mist - it now houses very sexy growing giantesses! Rachel is one of the club's hottest strippers and the tallest, but after the green cloud subsides things are reversed - the shortest strippers become the tallest and bustiest and Rachel finds herself towered over and tormented by the once short but now very tall, busty blonde Rain! Luckily Devon and sexy Cinammon are there to cheer up Rachel through sex, Cinnamon growing during sex and Devon introduces Rachel to the shrinking serum!  This comic contains giantess, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping, clothes loosening, shoes loosening, shoe busting, mini giantess growth, giantess growth, multiple giantess growing, mini giantess on mini giantess growth during sex, mini giantess on mini giantess oral sex, mini giantess on normal size man, normal size man having sex with short woman growing to giantess, mini giantess shrinking to doll size during sex, shrunken woman sexual activities with normal size man, a strip club full of growing women/mini giantess, growing strippers and more!

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