Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sizeable Tales Volume #1

Three sexy size changing tales in one comic!  Time Grown, art by HSefra, is a spin off of Farm Grown set in ancient Greece.  Some oversized grapes help Idaeus impress the sexy and busty Adonia, who gets some of the same effects herself leading to some very big sex.  Ozzzed, art by Rukasu, is a spoof set in a magical land with a yellow brick road.  A very jealous witch is offered a poisonous magical apple, however the results are one very big, green ,sexy, busty, muscular amazon that takes revenge on her sister and then has her way with the wizard! Witches Rope, art by Ganassa, is the story of a very short domme and her amazon size submissive.  When the submissive gets rowdy the witches' rope helps bring things in order thanks to size transfer(giantess and shrinking woman), bondage and spankings!

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