Monday, April 21, 2014

Pixie No More 3

Here we grow...and shrink...again with Sir Grindalot, Lady Alainne and those sex crazed pixies! And this time they're in the elven kingdom with some very busty, sexy and naughty female elves! How will our heroes get out of this one? With growing, shrinking and sex as usual! This comic contains GTS, SW, BE, clothes ripping/shoe busting, penis growth from double stroking from two shrunken female elves and from pixie magic, pixie grinding on growing penis, shrunken woman oral sex on pixie, pixie oral sex on growing penis, normal size male elf giving oral to pixie, female growth during oral sex, female growth from cum shot, pixie masturbation, shrunken female elf being hand washed by two normal size busty elves, super size cumshot on female elf full body, cumshot on shrunken female elves, male muscle and height growth and troll transformation from pixie sexual juices and more!

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