Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nozama Transfer

While house sitting for an antique collector Erin finds a mysterious magical amulet. Whenever she says the magic word "Nozama", she drains the size and strength of the person she is touching and adds it to herself! There is one side effect, a very aggressive and dominant personality! Erin's boyfriend Jay finds out the hard way when Erin starts getting big, he starts getting small and she starts taking control! Later Erin's tall busty sister Reina gets some of the same trearment Jay did, except Erin makes Reina as small as a toy doll while Erin grows as tall as the ceiling! This comic contains FMG, GTS, Mini GTS, Shrinking Woman, Shrinking man, size transfer, clothes ripping, shoe busting, shrinking out of clothes, shrunken man head being squeezed between mini giantess amazon thighs, rough sex, shrunken man giving oral to mini giantess, mini giantess giving oral to shrunken man, mini giantess face sitting shrunken man, mini GTS foot growth over shrunken woman, mini GTS breast squeeze over shrunken woman and more!

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1 comment:

  1. My favorite offering from you so far! Erin reminds me of my own American Steele superheroine. I know most of your work is geared toward GTS, but I would really love to see one character who grows big and has supergirl's power set. Still, you keep it up, I'll keep buying. Thank you!