Thursday, January 16, 2014

Edge of Humanity 2

The wild side is spreading, and now Williams is experiencing the feral, powerful and sexually hungry side of his wife Delilah! But she smells Ambers scent on him during sex and WIlliam is in big trouble, and its getting bigger! Police officers Duarte and Gloria have a run in with Delilah and experience her power and sexual appetite first hand! And Amber is back and growing larger each time she changes! What will happen to the sexy woman that gave her a car ride? Based on the old written story by ZZZ "On The Edge Of Humanity", this comic has FMG, mini GTS, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping /shoe busting, hair lengthening, beauty enhancement, growth during rough sex, 3 way sex with one sexy busty normal size woman, a muscular man and a very aroused and growing amazon, oral sex, feats of strength, and more!

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