Monday, November 25, 2013

A Growing World

Dr. Bryan Mathews has developed a formula that will rid the world of starvation...except it has some minor side effects... It causes women to  grow to giant size, become very aroused and gives them the ability to control their own growth!  Things get complicated when Valerie, the assistant doctor, becomes jealous of the time Dr. Mathews spends with the very sexy and naughty nurse Kylie.   Valerie becomes  distracted and accidentally spills the new formula on Stacey, a wounded military patient.  A huge growth spurt and some sexual fun later, Valerie spills the formula in the ventilation system, causing all the women in the building to start growing!  Growing World will be the origin of a series of comics set in a world where all women are mini giantess and can control their size!  This comic contains growth, giantess, clothes ripping, shoe busting, cast busting, growth during mastrubation, growth during sex, sex with sexy nurse, oral from sexy nurse,  giantess on normal size woman sex and oral sex, mini giantess on normal size man sex, three way sex with one normal size man and two mini giantess, and more!

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