Friday, May 17, 2013

Boosters is now available

Boosters is now available here: ZZZ Comics

Go Boosters go! The school has been overrun by girl happy aliens!  All  seems lost until 4 students stumble upon a way to fight back!  Dom,  Anne(nerdy girl in glasses), Trish(ditzy blonde) and Kelly(short  tempered red head) must fight the perilous and overly frisky aliens  before the last girls in the school are taken!
Boosters is a tentacle alien vs growing giantess comic, with GTS, sex  with mini GTS/growing GTS, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping,  tentacle action and peril, shoe busting, room filling, school  destruction from growth, sex with giantess and giantess using  something quite large to get pleasure from too, and more!
Growth is caused by the Booster alien device and sexual stimulation.  All characters are 18 or older.  All images are 2550x3300. Written by  ZZZ, art and bonus art by Eudetenis.

Collectors edition includes all 21 pages as well as all 21 pages with  no text, a super cute and sexy 3 stage growth sequence featuring  Larissa from GTSV colored and illustrated by Eudetenis and a new full  color one page preview of the upcoming Midas touch(Except it causes  FMG, GTS and BE!) style cursed Gym and Spa worker comic called "The  Atlas Touch" as well as a advanced full color one page preview of the  upcoming ZZZ modern take on Alice in Wonderland, Alicia in Wonderland  comic, and advanced pencil work preview of "I Dream of GTS"  plus a  Sketch collection page of Boosters shows the sketches of some of the  pages as well as the bonus art for a grand total of 48 pages!

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